Analysis and development of internal innovation capabilities.


Change processes of companies are often painful and unsatisfactory for everyone if they are not properly prepared and sufficiently personalized as well as not aligned with existing infrastructure and capabilities.

From the analysis, gaps for optimization must be identified and a clear plan of action has to be derived. This helps to avoid unnecessary adjustments or incoherent goals for future phases of a new innovation process.

Innovation diagnosis


An objective reflection and diagnosis to understand how your company currently manages innovation. Identification of what works in the current setup and where adjustments are needed.

We analyze different core dimensions and ask critical questions for the success of innovation:

  1. Innovational culture
  2. Current process from discovering opportunity fields to the...
  3. Launch of the new product or service.
  4. Current skills / resources in innovation
  5. Product portfolio
  6. Post-launch - What happens after the product launch?


We start from within. Facts-based.
  1. Quantitative analysis
  2. Qualitative analysis
  3. 1:1 interviews
  4. Cluster analysis of core dimension
  5. Analysis of current state
  6. Plan of action

New innovation skills

Unlock the full innovation potential of your team and provide them with a proven, repeatable, systematic process.


For years, "innovation" has kept all CEOs at the top of the agenda, but still there is great dissatisfaction when it comes to the results their intiatives produce.

The processes are often inefficient and feel like trial and error or shotgun.
Innovation in this context seems risky, unpredictable, very time consuming and expensive.

Often it is not a problem of bad ideas, the quality or skills of employees or the quality of implementation. There is often a lack of a clear set of unmet customer needs and problems which need to be addressed, as well as a lack of a clear, systematic process to develop products and services that address these needs.

84 %

of german leaders state that the future of their business depends on innovation.*

95 %

of new market launches fail (worldwide).**

94 %

of global leaders and managers are unsatisfied with the performance of their business in the area of innovation.***

*McKinsey Global Innovation Survey 2019
**Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, Study of 30,000+ new products that are introduced yearly, 2019
*** McKinsey global survey of large cap firms, 2019


We believe that innovation is not naturally high-risk and that through systematic approaches we can make the perceived gamble more predictable. We apply a methodology that translates categorized user insights into a clear growth strategy, actionable roadmaps and successful products and services.


We help to improve your innovation capabilities / resources

  • Introduction and training of our systematic process to discover, define and design growth and to anchor products and services in the market.

  • We improve the user-centered thinking of your company by introducing you to jobs-to-be-done theory.

  • We anchor clear processes that allow fast, data-based decisions.

  • We create small, dedicated innovation teams and in co-creation, help to develop first solutions to learn the processes in practice.

  • We make sure that the right coordination processes are anchored with the management level to push good ideas forward quickly.