Innovation is not a gamble

With our own, repeatable, fact-based and user-centric innovation process. For predictable growth strategies and successful products.

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The baseline

Corona drastically increases the pressure to be innovative.

It’s clear. You can’t bust your head in the sand and wait till it’s over. External drivers such as ever-changing consumer needs and the speed of adoption of new technologies are pushing your business out of its comfort zone to innovate in areas of high uncertainty.
The perception is that the future of your business is uncertain, volatile, ambiguous, complex and competitors are entering the market at lightning speed. Innovation, if executed correctly, is the key to turn these challenges into opportunities and new business.

90 %

of leaders and managers believe that COVID-19 decisively changes the way you operate your business in the next 5 years.*

85 %

of leaders and managers are worried that COVID-19 has a long-term impact on customer needs.*

84 %

of german leaders and managers say that the future of their business lies in innovation.**

*McKinsey Study 2020 │ **McKinsey Global Innovation Survey 2019

However, only a few are prepared for that.

21 %

of leaders and managers believe that they have the expertise, the ressources and the internal commitment to successfully approach new growth.*

95 %

of new market launches fail.**

94 %

of global leaders and managers are unsatisfied with the performance of their business in the area of innovation.***

*McKinsey Study 2020 │ **Harvard Business Study │ *** PWC Innovation Benchmark 2017

3 reasons why innovation-initiatives fail


They are not a part of the business strategy, are not based on their own, individual goals, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and necessary structures, processes, cultures and skills that are required to be continuously and sustainably innovative do not exist.


They do not use repeatable product development processes and can therefore not achieve any plannable results.


They start with the idea before the actual customer problem is being defined or validated in detail. They contraribly solve the “how” prior to the “what” and the “why”.

What How

In numerous projects we have learned why innovation initiatives and new product launches fail and are considered risky, time-consuming and expensive.

Our process for successful innovation.

We understand innovation end-to-end, however, all steps can be commissioned modularly and starting points can be discussed individually.

Strategy-Fit Organisation

Innovation Audit

Our innovation audit was specifically designed to give you a detailed and objective view into your current innovation skills related to your goals.

Innovation Strategy

Make the future real and viable. We develop a dynamic and risk-minimizing innovation strategy based on your goals, innovation skills, strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats.


Discover Insights

1. step: User and market definition. Identification of the basic need.

2. step: Classification and quantification of the needs (functional, emotional, social and financial).

Define Focus

3. step: Creation of a facts-based evaluation of new business opportunities (opportunity score).

4. steo: Specification of new market segments based on demand gaps.


Design Strategy

5. step: Derivation of a plannable growth strategy based on the defined opportunity areas

6. step: Definition of the essential products = roadmap.

Deliver Concept Solution

7. Schritt: Prototypen-Sprint zur Erstellung von neuen Lösungskonzepten.


Build & Validate Solution

8. Schritt: Markttest unter realen Bedingungen, inklusive Kundenbefragungen.


Level of security that the solution will be accepted on the market.